A Taste of Sky

This film delicately details the journey of two students from Gustu, the groundbreaking cooking school and fine-dining restaurant founded by Noma’s Claus Meyer in La Paz, Bolivia. Kenzo, a hunter […]


This six-part journey into the wonder and power of seeds introduces us to seed people around the world, from farmers to baristas, from gardeners to scientists, from pioneers to visionaries.

Herd Impact

A north Texas couple lets nature dictate how they graze their cattle. They are having tremendous success in regenerating their land and their lives.

Plow That Broke the Plains

This classic film about the Dust Bowl has been one of the most widely praised and studied documentaries to be produced in America. Its masterful use of music and edited […]

Power and the Land

This film was intended to encourage farmers to form their own electrical cooperatives with the help of the Rural Electrification Administration. However, famed Dutch filmmaker Joris Ivens transcended this original […]

Harvest Season

Will be preceded by a screening of Who Speaks for Nature (35 mins. – World Premiere) This film delves into the lives of people who work behind the scenes of […]

A Modern Shepherdess

A few years ago, Stéphanie left her Parisian life for the vast salt meadows of the Cherbourg Peninsula. The former graphic designer discovered a deep connection with this land by […]

Game Changers

The world of an Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor is turned upside down when a group of world-renowned athletes and scientists demonstrate that most of what he had been taught about […]