Mission Statement

To advance understanding and stewardship of the environment through the power of film.


In 1993, Flo Stone had a wild idea. . .

She created the first major Environmental Film Festival in the United States, covering an array of topics from activism and conservation to discovery and exploration. Her goal was to inform, collaborate and inspire people from all walks of life to seek out truth, and bring awareness to fundamental ecological issues. It was her hope that the festival would uplift the voices of those fighting to preserve the splendor of our natural world.


For the past 3 decades. . .

The Environmental Film festival in the Nation’s Capital (DCEFF) has carried out Flo Stone’s mission as the world’s premier showcase for environmentally themed film. It has been an honor to reach countless audience members across the world. We continue to build an adventurous, collaborative, and diverse network of film lovers and film makers through our dedication to excellence in programming, education, and community engagement. When we are united, we truly have the power to make a difference.


For the future of our planet.

In honor of Flo Stone and in honor and memory of her husband and greatest supporter, Roger Stone, we greet the challenges of tomorrow with optimism and a renewed commitment to carry out our mission. We’re doubling down on our pledge to bring awareness to the beauty and importance of the planet’s ecosystems through film, and to advocate for nature with the same commitment and optimism as our founder.

Our People

Meet the incredible people who carry out DCEFF’s mission. Without the unwavering dedication of our staff, the world’s largest green film festival would not be possible.

Monica Schorn DCEFF Staff photo