Fantastic Fungi

This consciousness-shifting film takes us on an immersive journey through time and scale into the magical earth beneath our feet, which houses an underground network that can heal and save […]

Punjab: Land of the Five Drying Rivers

A matriarch in her 90s recounts her experiences with the introduction of genetically modified organisms to her homeland. Using her farming village as a case study, the film explores the […]

Green Gold?

As the global demand for the super food avocados has soared, Chile has become the world’s third-largest exporter of avocados. But the community of Petorca, Chile, say drought — and […]

Farmscape Ecology

Farming is ever-evolving. Today, when we think about what’s to come next for farmers, a key question is, “How do we produce food and still maintain a livelihood for farmers, […]

Detroit Hives

Tim Paule and Nicole Lindsey are a young couple who run an urban bee farm in East Detroit to create opportunities for young Detroit natives to overcome adversity. Detroit ranks […]

Restoring Indonesia’s Peatlands

One-size-fits-all agriculture has robbed Indonesia’s peatlands of their moisture. Now, the country is working to restore these historic swamps by embracing their boggy nature — and enjoying the pasta made […]


Follow the drought-stricken Norwegian farmer Einar as he searches for a way to continue the family legacy of dairy farming. After the most difficult season of his life, he travels […]

No Place to Grow

Follows a group of Latino farmers who find themselves representing a movement to save the last green space centered within a neighborhood facing gentrification. Over time, we find out what […]


As traditional farmers, Roland and his father Robert face constant criticism that their farm pollutes the environment. Between detached family houses and the motorway, they seek a balance between ecological […]


Despite the growing persistence of environmental change, human resourcefulness remains alive and well as people across the globe experiment with innovative adaptive methods on the ground. In ADAPTATION: Kentucky, scientist […]