Festival Year: 2019, 2017, 2016


Vanina Harel

Roles: Special Guest, Director

Vanina is a National Geographic Explorer and filmmaker who is passionate about making media that matters. With a background in Biology and a MFA in environmental documentary production, she has produced documentaries and social media awareness campaigns for Maryland Public Television, the Center for Environmental Filmmaking, the Prince Charitable Trusts, and Youth for African Wildlife. Her latest documentary film, Vey nou Lagon, toured in schools and villages in Mauritius as part of a national awareness campaign for lagoon conservation. Her current project, Grandpa’s Reef, is an underwater virtual reality experience for teenagers in the Philippines.​

Festival Year: 2019, 2017, 2016


Vey nou Lagon

(MU, 2016, 22min)
Special Guest: Vanina Harel

Culture of Collards, The

(US, 2016, 7min)

50 Days to Save the African Rhino

(US, 2014, 8min)

Chesapeake Villages

(US, 2015, 30min)