Festival Year: 2020, 2021

Les Guthman

Roles: Director

Les Guthman is an award winning documentary producer and director, a writer, editor and production executive. A veteran of NBC News in New York, he went on to create the DISCOVER MAGAZINE series at the Walt Disney Company and create Outside Television, the production division of Outside magazine. He has the distinction of both having produced three of the “20 Top Adventure Films of All Time,” according to Men’s Journal magazine, and having won the National Academy of Science’s nationwide competition to find the best new idea in science television, which led to his film, Three Nights at the Keck, with actor John Lithgow. Mr. Guthman is currently director, producer and writer of the feature documentary, LIGO, and a related eight-part YouTube series, produced by his Advanced LIGO Documentary Project with Caltech, M.I.T., the National Science Foundation and MathWorks.

Festival Year: 2020, 2021



(US, 2019, 82min)
Director: Les Guthman

Waterkeepers, With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., The

(US, 2000, 70min)