Robert F. Kennedy Jr. leads the nation’s fastest-growing grassroots environmental organization, the Waterkeeper Alliance. Waterkeepers take polluters to court, respond to citizens’ complaints about water pollution, devise appropriate remedies and act as living witnesses to the condition of local ecosystems. The Waterkeepers, with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. tells the stirring and dramatic story of how two generations of Hudson River fishermen and environmental activists fought a decades-long battle to protect one of the nation’s great rivers, the Hudson. Including excerpts from Walter Cronkite’s classic 1966 documentary, The Majestic Polluted Hudson, this important film brings to life one of the great environmental achievements in American history. The Waterkeepers chronicles the stirring efforts of Kennedy’s Waterkeeper Alliance, from Alaska to North Carolina. The waterkeepers’ hands-on public advocacy environmentalism has become a model for ecosystem protection: citizens defending the ecosystems in which they live. Directed by Les Guthman.

The Waterkeepers, With Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

2000 US 70 min
Festival Year: 2011
Types: Documentary, Watch Now
Topic: Freshwater & Oceans

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