Isla de Plastico

This documentary exposes the reality of garbage, plastic, and pollution in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Yasuni Man

Yasuni Man is a documentary feature about the Yasuni Biosphere of Amazonian Ecuador, the world’s most biodiverse forest, and the Waorani, an indigenous Amazonian tribe plagued by exploitation, deception and […]

Colombia: Wild Magic

From majestic mountain ranges with ancient glaciers, virgin jungles, open grasslands and desert plains, to vast rivers and teeming oceans, Colombia is a country with some of the most extraordinary […]

It’s All True

Both a documentary and an exercise in film restoration, It’s All True tells the complex story of Orson Welles’ ill-fated attempts to make an anthology film about South American life […]

Why In My Backyard – Hidroaysen

Every morning Maria Irene Soto wakes up convinced that she works on the world’s best energy-producing project: Hidroaysen. If it is built, Hidroaysen will be the largest hydroelectric plant in […]

Latin Skyscraper, The (El Rascacielos Latino)

Watch as the mysteries surrounding the mythical Barolo Palace in Buenos Aires and its creator, Italian architect Mario Palanti, are unraveled. The director, Sebastián Schindel, wonders about the enigmatic architectural […]

Shark Loves the Amazon

The Amazon is generally portrayed as a land of mystery populated by indigenous people surrounded by exotic fauna and flora in an environment threatened by encroaching mining and farming. Author […]

Calle Lopez

Somewhere between visual anthropology and art-house cinema, this film, shot beautifully in black and white, captures a microcosm of Mexican society. Two photographers, Gerardo Barroso Alcalá and Lisa Tillinger have […]