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Why In My Backyard - Hidroaysen

Every morning Maria Irene Soto wakes up convinced that she works on the world’s best energy-producing project: Hidroaysen. If it is built, Hidroaysen will be the largest hydroelectric plant in Chile. Soto has spent years traveling around the Chilean Patagonia trying to convince the locals, the authorities and even her children of the benefits this project will bring to Chile. Claudia Torres, a volunteer for the internationally renowned NGO, Patagonia Sin Represas (Patagonia Without Dams), on the other hand, organizes protests and actively campaigns to stop the project. Torres believes it is not necessary and even damaging to Chile’s natural bounty. The women confront each other as the final voting on the project takes place. In Spanish with English subtitles. Directed and produced by Rafael Valdeavellana and Jota Loyola.