The Amazon is generally portrayed as a land of mystery populated by indigenous people surrounded by exotic fauna and flora in an environment threatened by encroaching mining and farming. Author and lawyer Mark London offers a decidedly less romantic, and more realistic, perspective in this documentary produced after three decades of extensive travels and two books on the Amazon written with journalist Brian Kelly. The film depicts the hard realities of a region seeking a sustainable model of development that promotes economic activity while preserving Earth’s last great forest and its unparalleled concentration of biodiversity. Adapted from the book, “The Last Forest” written by Mark London and Brian Kelly. 

Directed by Cidney Hue and Adrian Vasquez de Velasco. Produced by Mark London

Shark Loves the Amazon

2012 US 60 min
Festival Year: 2013
Types: Documentary
Topic: Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Global Perspectives, Latin American Program, Wildlife