Festival Year: 2020, 2018


Maggie Dewane

Roles: Director, Narrator

Maggie Dewane is an environmentalist and writer who has traveled to all seven continents seeking stories of climate change, conservation, and how both are impacting people. In 2017, she traveled to Antarctica and produced a short film, In Search of the Adelie Penguin, available as part of the Festival’s Watch Now programming. Currently she co-hosts The Watering Hole, a podcast devoted to wildlife conservation.

She provides articles and lectures on climate change and has been recognized by the National Press Club, Audubon Society, and featured in the Huffington Post’s docu-series “End of the World.”

Previously, she managed communications at international environmental nonprofits, the Marine Stewardship Council and Environmental Investigation Agency. Prior to that Maggie worked at the White House Council on Environmental Quality and United States Senate. She has a masters degree in environmental science and policy from Columbia University and bachelors degree in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University.


Festival Year: 2020, 2018


Watering Hole

(US, 2020, 70min)

In Search of the Adelie Penguin

(US, 2018, 5min)