A LIVE recording of The Watering Hole was scheduled as part of our March Festival, but unfortunately that was canceled. Despite that, the podcasting duo still decided to record a special bonus episode in honor of our fallen Fest. 


Grab a beer and join podcast hosts Ashley Holmes and Maggie Dewane for  The Watering Hole, a tipsy twist on wildlife conservation. Every episode dives into the unique wildlife of the world covering basic biology, environmental threats and what’s being done about it. The catch? The hosts recap what they’ve researched while under the influence for a raucous and ridiculously good time. This episode’s guest includes DCEFF featured filmmaker, Steve Ellington.


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The Watering Hole Podcast (Special DCEFF Episode)

2020 US 70 min
Festival Year: 2020
Director, Narrator, Moderator: Maggie Dewane
Special Guest: Ashley Holmes
Types: Free, Panel Discussion
Topic: Conservation, Wildlife