Festival Year: 2024, 2019

Lois Lipman

Roles: Director

Based in London for many years, Lois Lipman researched, developed, and field produced films for CBS News 60 Minutes worldwide —from India, Gaza, Guantanamo Bay to Paris and Saint Petersburg.

Her films won numerous awards including an Emmy and a Peabody. Til Death Do Us Part: Dowry Deaths in India won Best Documentary of the Year from American Women in Television and Radio and lead to the first arrests and convictions for this crime against women in India.

After Lois left 60 Minutes, she worked internationally for the BBC, Channel 4 – UK and PBS. She earned her MFA in Visual Media from American University in Washington DC.

After teaching at the University of Maryland, Lois returned to her home in New Mexico where she committed to making First We Bombed New Mexico, a film that exposes the injustice suffered for decades by New Mexican Downwinders and help them in their fight for dignity and compensation.


2024 Program(s):

First We Bombed New Mexico


Festival Year: 2024, 2019



(US, 2019, min)
Director: Lois Lipman