Downwind documents the untold story of the impact the world’s first atomic blast had on the Hispanic and Native American communities of rural New Mexico. The story is told through the personal journey of Tina Cordova, a dynamic Latina businesswoman and cancer survivor, and her courageous struggle to bring the true human cost of the Trinity bomb to light, hold the federal government to account, and secure justice for the “Tularosa Basin Downwinders.” Through Tina, we learn the unreported truth of the Trinity bomb—detonated in secret 70 years ago—and are presented with provocative findings about the blast’s environmental consequences that led to devastating multi generation cancers. Downwind is the story of a Latino based community in the Tularosa Basin that has global implications for a world grappling with the proliferation of nuclear weapons and a seeming disregard for the true cost of their development, detonation, and disposal.

Downwind (Work-in-Progress)

2019 US min
Festival Year: 2019
Director: Lois Lipman
Types: Clips & Conversations, Documentary, Work in Progress
Topic: Public Health