Festival Year: 2019, 2020


Francisco Campos-Lopez

Roles: Director

Started creating films at an early age encouraged by his parents. At the age of 18, moves to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to pursue a filmmaker career and study filmmaking courses. During that phase he is mentored by the masters in Argentinean films from that era, in areas such as directing, editing, cinematography and acting directing. His worldwide shown film Acassis (Best Thriller at the New York Film Festival 2007) creates a chance for him to come to the US and keep pursuing his career. The New York press proclaimed him as “A Director to Watch”. Before his feature film debut I Did Her Wrong in 2017, he works intensively as a music video director and freelance director all around the world, mainly based in the US. Those travels created a big impact on Francisco, getting him exposed to raw realities and social/environmental conflicts. The internal outcome of these journeys was a new passion for documentary film as well, combing cinematic aesthetics to narrate reality with a strong connections and commitment with the environment, specially endangered rivers and conservation.



Festival Year: 2019, 2020



(US, NL, 2022, 71min)

Who Saved the Lagoon

(US, MX, 2020, 4min)

We Will Stay

(US, 2020, 12min)

Love Flows

(US, 2019, 35min)