Deep in the heart of the Baja California peninsula in an inlet of sparkling, jade-green waters, there exists the last pristine place left on earth for Pacific gray whales to breed and nurse their young. It’s a place of peace and beauty where these whales frolic, spout water, and bond. In 1995 Mitsubishi Corporation and the Mexican Government, presented a massive salt works project to be built in Laguna San Ignacio. In the year 2000 the Mexican Government led by President Zedillo decided to cancel the project after a worldwide campaign by environmentalists from all over the world. 20 years later this success story remind us about hope in the current challenging times we face in our planet. This short is a sample of a feature film about Laguna San Ignacio.


Who Saved the Lagoon

2020 US, MX 4 min
Festival Year: 2020
Types: Documentary, Short, Watch Now
Topic: Conservation, Freshwater & Oceans, Wildlife

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