Inland Sea

In Ushimado, a small village in Seto Inland Sea, Japan, Wai-chan, at the age of 86, still fishes alone on a small boat to make his living, dreaming about retirement. […]

Fisherman and the Forest

Oyster farmer Shigeatsu Hatakeyama is something of a maverick. He is a fisherman, author, university professor, and recipient of the U.N. Forest Hero Award. At a time when industrialization was […]


For over 2000 years the Ama-San dived in Japan. In Wagu, a fishing village in the Ise Peninsula, Matsumi, and Masumi dive every day not knowing what they’ll find. Underwater, […]

Modern Day Eden

Japanese gardens are internationally famed for their beauty and core ideas. Recently they are noted for another function – an ecosystem for living nature. The garden at Honen-in Temple in […]

Tale of Iya

A young man from Tokyo, in need of a major change, moves to the Iya Valley, one of the last traditional rural communities in Japan. He quickly realizes that he’s […]

Sunshine Ahead

Kenji Kinjo grew up playing in coral reefs in his hometown, Okinawa. Returning to marry, raise a family and run a restaurant, Kenji assumes he has returned to the same […]