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Inland Sea (Minatomachi)

In Ushimado, a small village in Seto Inland Sea, Japan, Wai-chan, at the age of 86, still fishes alone on a small boat to make his living, dreaming about retirement. Kumi-san is an 84-year-old villager who wanders around the shore everyday. She believes a social welfare facility “stole” her disabled son to receive subsidy from the government. A “late-stage elderly” Koso-san runs a small seafood store left by her deceased husband. She sells fish to local villagers and provides leftovers to stray cats. ​Forsaken by the era of modernization of post-war Japan, Ushimado is rapidly aging and declining. This observational, black-and-white documentary by Kazuhiro Soda (Campaign, Mental, Oyster Factory) poetically depicts the twilight days of a village and its people by the dreamlike Inland Sea.