Youth Unstoppable

A Waterbear Original A film 11 years in the making, Youth Unstoppable documents the struggles and events of the largely unseen and misunderstood Global Youth Climate Movement. At age 15, […]


Follow some of the world’s most charismatic animals as they travel to and from Mexico across the span of a year. Using unprecedented access to some of the country’s most […]

Harvest Season

Will be preceded by a screening of Who Speaks for Nature (35 mins. – World Premiere) This film delves into the lives of people who work behind the scenes of […]

Evolution of Organic

From filmmaker Mark Kitchell (Berkeley in the Sixties, A Fierce Green Fire) comes a new film: Evolution of Organic. It’s the story of organic agriculture, told by those who built the movement. A motley […]

At the Fork

At the Fork is a new documentary by filmmaker and omnivore John Papola who, together with his vegetarian wife Lisa, offer up a timely and refreshingly unbiased look at how […]

When Mickey Came to Town

Twenty-two years ago, Disney thought they could impose an unwanted American History theme park on the people of central Virginia. They thought people wanted white-washed history with rollercoasters and battle […]


Organic raisin farmer Walt Shubin has dedicated the last 65 years of his life to restoring California’s San Joaquin River to its previous glory. In the midst of drought, he […]

Food for Thought, Food for Life

Industrial agriculture takes a toll on both the health of our environment and the quality of our food. This film surveys problems with today’s agribusiness world, voicing new solutions offered by farmers, […]


Nuclear waste forces us to think about the distant future: the radioactive trail from our bombs and power plants will last 400 generations. Repeat: 400 generations! So we need a […]

Culture of Collards, The

Collard greens are more than a simple side dish. Brought to the American South with the slave trade, they hold a vital place in African-American cultural history. Now, a new […]