Forest for the Trees

This visually and artistically unique documentary explores the physical and emotional aspects of a community of Canadian west coast tree planters. Deftly weaving together still photos and film footage, Rita […]

Wild Hope: Gardener to Guardian

Amid collapsing biodiversity worldwide, Mary Reynolds of Ireland is building a movement to turn gardeners into guardians of the planet by each returning their own patch of land to nature, […]


Tells the unconventional and deeply personal story of a South Dallas skatepark whose mission is to change the lives of everyone who walks through the gate. The 4DWN skatepark is […]

Do You Miss Me?

Four teenagers decided to spend weekend in nature, for the first time. They leave by a car a busy and polluted city. They have been “forced” to re-establish a connection […]


In sym-bee-o-sis, scientists discover that the alliance between bees and plants depends on an unexpected third partner: microbes! But the chemicals we use in agriculture are putting this ancient partnership […]

Our Coast

James Lawson’s ties to British Columbia’s coast run deep. The young fisherman has spent his life harvesting seafood across the region’s waters, but today the longevity of his way of […]


An abstract exploration of the Earth’s striking textures and cyclical rhythms. Unwitnessed lays bare the Earth’s imposing elements and mesmerizing patterns, and reminds us that all life is deeply interconnected, […]

Fashion Reimagined

Fashion designer Amy Powney of cult label Mother of Pearl is a rising star in the London fashion scene. Raised off-the-grid in rural England by activist parents, Amy has always […]


For Jason Reed, salmon are synonymous with life. He has grown up on the banks of California’s Klamath River where the Karuk Tribe have depended on these salmon since time […]