Tells the unconventional and deeply personal story of a South Dallas skatepark whose mission is to change the lives of everyone who walks through the gate. The 4DWN skatepark is a resilience hub rooted in skate culture, tackling the challenges of food insecurity and social justice in one of the city’s poorest communities.

4DWN is at once punk, irreverent, and authentic. But it’s also organic, nurturing, and profound. The magic of this skatepark-turned-urban farm is brought to life through a beautiful, intimate mixed-media approach that pays homage to the canon of skate films that came before it. 4DWN chronicles the past and present lives of the Park’s founders and one budding young skateboarder who finds kinship, camaraderie, and a reason to keep pushing.



2024 US 17 min
Festival Year: 2024
Director: Danny Schmidt
Types: Documentary, Short, Watch Now
Topic: Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Food & Agriculture, Sustainable Living

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