Ever the Land

In the Te Urewara forests of northern New Zealand, the fiercely independent Tūhoe Maori tribe undertakes the building of a grand new meeting hall using radically sustainable methods. Their “Living Building” embodies the community’s deep and […]

Elephant and the Bicycle

An elephant working as a street cleaner takes up bicycling, vividly animated by Olesya Shchukina using real paper cutouts.   Directed by Olesya Shchukina.

Double Happiness

In China’s Guangdong province, a mining tycoon has built an exact 1:1 replica of the idyllic Austrian village of Hallstatt. Beyond the gimmicky appeal of “copycat” development, this phenomenon offers a provocative perspective […]

River of Grass

In the suburban backwaters of the Everglades, bored housewife Cozy longs to shake the swampy monotony that permeates her life. But even a crime spree with local misanthrope Lee Ray, […]

Creeping Garden, The

Plasmodial slime mold is like something out of science fiction: creeping right beneath our feet, its intricate living systems warp our perception of time and space and challenge our definitions […]

Cemetery of Splendor

When soldiers working on a mysterious dig site contract a supernatural “sleeping sickness,” doctors and volunteer nurses set up a makeshift hospital where the treatments include colored light therapy, psychic […]

California: Paradise Burning

Two photographers visit California’s Central Valley to cover the state’s historic drought, leaving with staggering black-and-white images of a bounty turned to desolation, along with the dire testimonies of the […]

Art That Nature Makes, An

Photographer Rosamond Purcell finds life and beauty in the most unlikely of places: in junkyards and libraries and the backrooms of natural history collections. Transformed by her camera, using only […]