Festival Year: 2019

Wenting Deng

Roles: Director

Wenting Deng is a director and cinematographer currently based in Los Angeles. Growing up in Northern China and studying in the US has shaped Wenting with sensitive traveler’s eyes. She is always ready to capture the precious moments either with her lens or her mind for the next script. Her photography work is seldom staged but captured in the vérité style. As a young cinematographer, she enjoys working as an assistant camera under prolific cinematographers and observing how they bring the directors’ visions to the screen. She has worked in camera departments in different countries including China, US, Croatia and Japan on various short films, music videos, commercials, reality TV shows, feature films and documentaries. Her credits include: The Constitution (feature film by Rajko Grlić), Would You Mind (music video of Pretty Much), and American Idol. Her visual style is influenced by Ed Lachman, Caleb Deschanel, Gordon Willis, Christopher Doyle, Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, and Fan Ho. Wenting’s recent film Empty Skies was featured in a write-up by American Cinematographer magazine.

Festival Year: 2019


Empty Skies

(US, 2017, 19min)