Festival Year: 2020

Sam Vinal

Roles: Director

Sam Vinal grew up south of Boston on occupied Wampanoag Land. He currently directs documentaries and produces fictional films. These bold works are housed in the Los Angeles based production company he founded called Mutual Aid Media, an independent entity for creativity and speaking truth to power through film. Sam’s filmmaking career has taken him to Honduras, Canada and Zambia among other places — always traveling and telling stories through a socio-political lens. Sam uses film as a means to combine his passion for the beautiful struggle of social change and the power of art. Sam’s films have played at the Sundance Film Festival, The Lumière Film Festival, The Galway Film Fleadh, and the Chicago International Film Festival among others Sam’s works include BERTA DIDN’T DIE (2017), WAR PAINT (2017), OMI & OPA (2017), CALIGINOSITY (2016), GOOD KIDD (2016), FEARLESS (2014), SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION (2016).


Festival Year: 2020


L’Eau Est La Vie

(US, 2019, 24min)
Director: Sam Vinal