Maarten van Rouveroy

Maarten van Rouveroy is a documentary film maker, cameraman and editor. Having graduated as a marine biologist and cinematographer, his main interests lie in the natural world, the environment and film making.

He is currently employed as the head of video production at Greenpeace International in Amsterdam. Together with a small team of producers, he is responsible for producing, shooting and editing a wide spectrum of productions ranging from news to short form documentaries and creative web videos. As a producer he also commissions camera people around the world to shoot and edit for the environmental organization and liaises with television news producers, documentary film makers and online video channels.

Next to his work at Greenpeace, Maarten has also produced and shot a number of documentary films on a range of environmental, political and social issues, including Rijssen’s Silent War about the tension and parallels between orthodox Christians and Muslims in the Dutch village of Rijssen.