When the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise, sailed to protest the first oil platform to drill in the Arctic Ocean, no one could predict what happened next. Seized at gunpoint by Russian Special Forces, the “Arctic 30” became the center of an acrimonious, international dispute. Russia sentenced the crew to 15 years in prison with charges of piracy and hooliganism. Considered the most ruthless response from a State against an NGO in 25 years, their story is told through never-before-seen footage.

Directed by Maarten van Rouveroy. Produced by Elaine Hill, Tom Lowe and Maarten van Rouveroy.


Black Ice

2014 NL 53 min
Festival Year: 2015
Types: Documentary, Watch Now
Topic: Climate Change, Energy & Resources, Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Freshwater & Oceans

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