Festival Year: 2023

Thalefang Charles

Roles: Panelist, Producer

Thalefang Charles is a National Geographic Explorer, photographer, writer, journalist, producer, storyteller, and arts lover, based in Botswana. He is the author of Botswana’s Top 50 Ultimate Experiences – a photographic coffee table guidebook about Botswana. After 16 years of an illustrious career in journalism, he is now focusing on using the power of storytelling to help in the protection of the Okavango Delta. He is the Storytelling Manager for National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project, which has been working with local communities; NGOs; and governments of Angola, Namibia, and Botswana to secure a permanent and sustainable protection for the greater Okavango River basin.


2023 Program(s):

Nkashi: Race for the Okavango


Festival Year: 2023