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Hugh Renfro

Roles: Director

During his total of 23 years living in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Renfro has interacted with all levels of Saudi Arabian society. Mr. Renfro’s career began in the United States where he worked for Socal nearly a decade; he then spent 15 years with Aramco in Saudi Arabia. His responsibilities in this capacity kept him in frequent contact with the King, the Royal Court, cabinet ministers, and the Saudi Arabian military. El Salvador and Nicaragua in Central America were the next stops on Mr. Renfro’s itinerary, where he spent eight years with Compania Petrolera Chevron. In 1975 Mr. Renfro established and became Vice President and in-country head of Arabian Chevron Oil Company, a subsidiary of Chevron. His activities included Saudi Arabian operations and government relations at all levels. Mr. Renfro retired in 1983 and currently resides in Arizona. He has maintained close ties since that time with his contacts in the Saudi Arabian business and government communities, and did consulting work in Saudi Arabia in 1988 and 1990. He often lectures on his experiences relating to Saudi Arabia.

Festival Year: Array



(US, 2011, 45min)