A unique and exotic culture, an environment of extreme challenges, a storied history and a people of strong faith are revealed in this film. Through stunning photography, viewers ride the dunes with a camel caravan, dive into the Red Sea to explore ancient shipwrecks with underwater archaeologists, investigate the ruins of a towering lost city, revisit the Islamic golden age of invention and join three million Muslims on the extraordinary pilgrimage known as the Hajj. Arabia is also the story of 22-year-old Arabian filmmaking student Hamzah Jamjoom who returns home from the United States to make a film about his native culture and to rediscover the roots of his people’s ancient traditions. The first major production to be granted access to more than 20 locations across Saudi Arabia, the film provides an epic combination of historical recreations and contemporary scenes of everyday life and offers a chance to bridge cultures and reduce misunderstanding between peoples. Narrated by Helen Mirren and Robert Lacey. Directed by Greg MacGillivray. Produced by Greg MacGillivray and Mark Krenzien. Executive producer, Hugh Renfro.


2011 US 45 min
Festival Year: 2011
Types: Documentary
Topic: Climate Change, Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Global Perspectives