Festival Year: 2020

David Regos

Roles: Director

David Regos is an award-winning documentary producer and director, whose work has screened not only in countries around the globe but also in outer space. In 2001, after graduating from UC Berkeley, he made the feature documentary Figures & Loops about the quirky world of artistic roller-skating. Since then he has worked for ABC TV in Australia (2009), travelled across the USA filming people’s inspiring “Aha Moments” (2010-2013), and documented the ancient traditions of the Tibetans in India and the Q’eros of Peru (2015-16). From 2011 to 2014 he produced Divide in Concord, a film about an 84-year old grandmother on a crusade to ban plastic bottled water, which won awards at festivals around the world. His short film The Most Ideal Place (2019) was awarded Best Film and Best Documentary at the Cinespace Film Festival in Houston.


Festival Year: 2020


A Fistful of Rubbish

(ES, 2019, 14min)
Director: David Regos