Festival Year: 2021

Nicol Ragland

Roles: Director

With a degree in environmental science as well as photography, Nicol has created imagery with an emphasis on cause driven storytelling that does not cause dispute but rather reconfigure who we are. An aesthetic meant to push boundaries and bridge difference.

A long term photographic and film exploration into humanity’s relationship to culture and the wild, Nicol finds culture to be an accumulation of ideas where we explore ways of exploring. This infinite play is where she’s found the best terrain to collaborate, listen carefully and recognize expansion due to authoring and co-authoring.

After having directed the film, FARMERS FOOTPRINT, she has continued in the growing movement of Regenerative Agriculture to document work from RCS Australia as well as black farming in Oklahoma. Currently she is building the non-profit REGENERATE OKLAHOMA – a statewide soil health initiative that seeks to advance the practices of regenerative agriculture.

Nicol was born in Oklahoma, and valued dual citizenship there and in Colorado as a child. She worked in the craft of imagery for 18 years in Los Angeles to then return back to her red-dirt roots, creating a home on Oklahoma’s RAGLAND RANCH.

Festival Year: 2021


Trans Pecos: The Story of Stolen Land and the Loss of America’s Last Frontier

(US, 2021, 75min)
Director: Nicol Ragland