Festival Year: 2019, 2016

Andrew Nisker

Roles: Director

Andrew Nisker makes films that inspire people to take action and revolutionize the way they treat the environment and themselves. His mentor, the late Mr. Bob Hunter (co-founder of Greenpeace), declared “the revolution starts at home.” Taking Mr. Hunter’s words to heart, Andrew set out to create a body of work to help make environmentalism more accessible. Over the following decade, he has written, directed, and produced a half dozen documentaries with a focus on social-environmental issues. His personal, engaging stories span a variety of topics, but always share common themes: a love for nature, a passion for inspiring stories, and a need to get to the truth.

Festival Year: 2019, 2016


Ground War

(CA, 2018, 80min)
Director: Andrew Nisker

Dark Side of the Chew

(US, 2014, 60min)