Festival Year: 2022

Cliff McCreedy

Roles: Director

Cliff is Science Applications Coordinator for the National Park Service where he collaborates with filmmakers to create stories that inspire people to conserve our natural heritage. His past projects in the nonprofit sector include credits on environmental education videos for middle schools and coral reef education and training videos for the recreational diving industry. Cliff also worked for passage of legislation in Congress to release the Voice of America coral reef documentary The Fragile Ring of Life in the United States, a film about the worldwide degradation of coral reefs and efforts being made to save them. He worked with the MARE Program at Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley to adapt the film for classroom education. In his current role, Cliff coordinates the U.S. Biosphere Network of 28 biosphere regions in the U.S. that work locally to enhance the health and well-being of people and the environment. Synergy to produce compelling media flourishes when creative partners join together on projects such as this program.


Festival Year: 2022


Connected, a Journey through the Champlain Adirondack Biosphere Region

(US, 2021, 9min)