Festival Year: 2019

Luke Fisher

Roles: Director

Luke Fisher currently works in Los Angeles as a freelance writer/director, editor, and sound recordist contributing to all sizes and formats of projects: from web-series and short films to commercials and feature films. Luke’s passion is writing and directing emotional and moving content that entertains and inspires freedom and creativity in the individual. He was a Producer’s Assistant for 20th Century Fox and as a post-production assistant for their feature film, Devil’s Due. Luke taught video production at a film academy in the Austrian Alps and has worked as an intern for Late Show with David Letterman. He produced spots for the 100th anniversary Indianapolis 500 Race and has won a number of awards for his films including: 2011 Iris Film Festival Award for Best Script , the 2011 Multivisions Award for Studio Production and the 2010 Iris Film Festival Award for Best Cinematography. He is a graduate of Indiana University where he majored in Telecommunications and Film Studies and minored in Business, German, and Economics. He received his MFA in filmmaking at Ohio University’s School of Film in 2016. Luke is always ready to collaborate with people on new projects and challenges: if you’ve got a need or an idea hit him up and make something happen.

Festival Year: 2019


Empty Skies

(US, 2017, 19min)