Luc Jacquet

Luc Jacquet is a French film director and screenwriter. He wrote and directed March of the Penguins, the renowned documentary that charts the journey of the emperor penguins in the South Pole. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the film portrays both heartwarming and tragic nature of life in the Antarctic. March of the Penguins took home the Oscar in 2005 for Best Documentary.

Jacquet followed March of the Penguins with The Fox & the Child (2007), a part-nature documentary part-fairy tale about a young girl and her unlikely friendship with a fox.  In 2013, Jacquet wrote and directed Once Upon A Forest (2013), an immersive journey to the top of the tropical rainforest canopy, the world’s “green lung.” Shot in an untouched region of the Peruvian Amazon and in Gabon, the film uses spectacular animation and draws on extensive research, leading viewers into the depths of the tropical jungle and into the heart of life on earth. Once Upon A Forest was the recipient of the Polly Krakora Award for Artistry in Film in our 2014 Festival.

His 2015 film Ice and the Sky explores the work of Claude Lorius, a glaciologist who laid the groundwork for our understanding of global warming and the urgency of responding to it. At 82, he returns to Antarctica one last time, looking back on six decades of research and adventure to tell a much larger story: the history of the Earth’s climate, and the fraught future that awaits us. Ice and the Sky was selected to close the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, and was featured as a work-in-progress at EFF’s 2015 Festival. The full feature version will screen at our 2016 Festival.