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March of the Penguins 2

After 2 months of shooting in unique conditions in Antarctica last winter, Luc Jacquet returns with a new film shot mostly in 4K, with unseen submarine and drone shots. This new story sees a young penguin about to embark on his first journey, following the mysterious call that compels every penguin, when winter falls, to set out for an unknown destination. o Through the eyes and memories of his 45-year-old elder, we will contemplate this decisive moment, this magnetic call: we will follow our penguin closely during his enthralling journey, focusing on his doubts, his fears, and the challenges that face him at every step…

March of the Penguins 2: The Next Step tells the destiny of one penguin whose powerful and mysterious instinct enables him to survive…


Q&A — Greg McGruder (Vice-President of National Geographic’s Public Programs; EFF Board Member): Ron Naveen (Founder, Oceanites)


Encore Screening — Sunday, March 25, 2:00, Naval Heritage Center