Festival Year: 2015, 2017


Jason Jaacks

Roles: Director

Jason Jaacks is a filmmaker and photographer focused on social and environmental issues. He’s ducked the border into Mexico with traditional leaders of the Tohono O’odham tribe, spent a year documenting a Native American spoken word team, and led a source-to-sea expedition down the Elwha River. His most recent film, Silent River, follows a young woman as she defies death threats to save one of the most polluted rivers in Mexico. Jason has produced video for National Geographic, MSNBC, Discovery Digital, PBS, and Fusion, among others. He is a National Geographic Explorer and holds a Masters of Journalism from UC Berkeley.




Border Nation

(US, 2020, 19min)
Director: Jason Jaacks

In Search of Tzotz

(US, 2016, 9min)

Silent River

(US, 2014, 25min)