Festival Year: 2015

Valentin Greutert

Roles: Producer

Valentin Greutert was born in 1974 in Basel, Switzerland. After High School he began his studies in economics at the University of Basel in 1994 and continued them from 1997 at the University of Berne. He graduated in March 2000 with a paper on «Public Funding of Culture from an Economic Perspective». Already during his studies he was interested in film production and made his first production experiences at Condor Film and Fama Film. With the university degree in the pocket he started working as a production assistant for Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion, where he handled the production of numerous documentary and feature films. Together with the producer Simon Hesse, he founded HesseGreutert Film in March 2004.The main purpose of this company is the production of documentary and feature films.

Festival Year: 2015


Thule Tuvalu

(US, 2013, 98min)