Festival Year: 2019

Gilles de Maistre

Roles: Director

Gilles de Maistre is a director with an unusual approach, as at ease with writing a he is directing. He straddles several different audiovisual genres and offers up his vision of the world in movie theaters and on television screens as a writer, director, producer, reporter and general globe-trotter. With hundreds of documentaries, television movies and feature-length movies to his name, Gilles de Maistre is a multi-award-winning director: The Albert Londres Prize, International Emmy Awards, 7 d\’or award, the Public Prize and Junior Prize at the Festival de Cannes and the special Jury Prize at the Festival de la Fiction de La Rochelle, as well as a dozen other international prizes and awards.

Festival Year: 2019


Mia and the White Lion

(FR, 2018, 98min)