Festival Year: 2023

Jonathan Frisby

Roles: Director

Jonathan started as a researcher on an extreme sports series for Channel 4 and then assistant producer at Trans World International. He left to take advantage of a great opportunity becoming one of the UK’s first video journalists, making several character driven documentary series, before starting his own production company with “Eco-Warriors” an environmental series making green issues entertaining for young adults. He encapsulated the new wave of multi-skilling, filming, producing, editing and directing much of the content. Since then his company has made hundreds of hours of natural history/environmental and wildlife related programming for Discovery, National Geographic, Fox, BBC, Channel 5 and Disney. Topics ranged from anti-poaching patrols in South Africa to the impact of whaling in Norway and Japan and from the plight of Tigers in India to the impact of global warming on polar bears in the North Pole.

Festival Year: 2023


Secrets of the Elephants: Desert

(US, 2023, 45min)