Festival Year: 2021, 2019

Filipe DeAndrade

Roles: Director, Special Guest

Brazilian born, Cleveland raised, filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade has a passion for wildlife and freely admits he is addicted to adventure. Filipe graduated from the University of Florida and started a production house with his best friend called Comfort Theory. In 2015 Filipe won National Geographic’s Wild to Inspire short competition at the Sun Valley Film Festival and is a 10 Time Emmy Award Winner as a producer and filmmaker. As a National Geographic Explorer, he travels the world documenting natural history wildlife stories and human animal conflicts. His cinematography career has also set him on a landmark series path with Disney and Netflix along with other major networks. Most recently, Filipe has become a Jaguar ambassador for Panthera in their efforts to link the last remaining intact ecosystems for the third largest cat in the world. Wherever wild animals exist on our beautiful blue planet, you can find Filipe pointing his camera at a beautiful subject.


Festival Year: 2021, 2019


Wildlife Killing Contests

(US, 2021, 25min)