Fabio Nascimento

Fabio Nascimento is a documentary photographer and filmmaker who has worked for National Geographic, Greenpeace, Doctors without Borders, The New York Times, and a variety of other venues, producing stories at the intersection between people, environment and science. He is originally from Brazil, where he studied journalism at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, and subsequently film theory at the Sorbonne Nouvelle, in Paris, France, and has a master’s degree in documentary film at Paris VIII. Fabio is fluent in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish languages, and over the past years he has split most of his time between projects from tropical rainforests to the poles, documenting stories on all continents and at sea on ships traversing the globe with The Outlaw Ocean project, in collaboration with the award-winning New York Times investigative reporter Ian Urbina, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Netflix.