Festival Year: 2016, 2017


Scott Dobson

Roles: Director, Producer

Scott Dobson is an award winning Producer/Director with over 25 years experience in documentary filmmaking.

Most recently he directed Puffin Patrol and Carpe Diem, for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s The Nature of Things. In 2016 he was story editor for Viceland’s new documentary series Payday. In 2012 he directed Church Of Elvis; a 3-hour look the spiritual world of Elvis Presley, and its sister show, Elvis In Love. Prior, he produced the very successful spam: The Documentary for CBC Newsworld, which was broadcast around the world.

As Producer/Director he created the award-winning Keep On Shucking documentary for Food TV Canada/US, produced many projects for the famed Second City in Toronto and Chicago; from TV spots, to documentaries to the critically acclaimed re-release of the beloved SCTV TV series onto DVD for the first time; a massive project taking 4 years to complete. He also produced 2 series exploring modern Canadian Jazz and Blues, the latter was nominated for the prestigious WC Handy Award by the Memphis Blues Society.



Fix and Release

(CA, 2017, 16min)

Puffin Patrol

(CA, 2015, 50min)

Carpe Diem: A Fishy Tale

(CA, 2013, 52min)