Festival Year: 2019

Darren Foster

Roles: Director, Producer

SCIENCE FAIR is Darren’s first feature and second collaboration with Cristina. The pair previously partnered on Death by Fentanyl, a 2017 duPont Award-winning investigation into how a powerful painkiller is turning the worst drug epidemic in U.S. history even deadlier. The project was part of Darren’s ongoing coverage of the opioid crisis, which began with his groundbreaking investigation The OxyContin Express, which received a 2009 Peabody Award, a Television Academy Honor and an Emmy nomination. Darren’s other recent projects include Chasing El Chapo, a short documentary about the hunt for El Chapo Guzman that was infamously name-checked by Sean Penn in his Rolling Stone interview with the drug lord; Borderland, a critically acclaimed documentary series Darren directed for Al-Jazeera America, in which six ordinary Americans of different political persuasions make the journey across Mexico and the U.S. border (The New York Times called it “exploitative in a good way”); and Inside: Secret America, an investigative series he co-created and produced for National Geographic. Darren is co-founder of MuckMedia, the production company that produced SCIENCE FAIR. His work has appeared on VICE, Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, CNN, ABC, Channel 4 (UK), the CBC and Current TV. Darren has an M.S. from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Born and raised in New York, he now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Mariana, and son, Vasco.

Festival Year: 2019


Science Fair

(US, 2018, 90min)