Festival Year: 2019

Cristina Costantini

Roles: Director, Producer

SCIENCE FAIR is Cristina’s first feature and second collaboration with Darren. The pair previously partnered on Death by Fentanyl, a 2017 duPont Award-winning investigation about an opiate that’s making the worst drug epidemic in U.S. history even deadlier. Long before Cristina was an investigative journalist, she was a science fair nerd. As a dweeby high school kid from Wisconsin, the international science fair is where she found her tribe. The documentary SCIENCE FAIR is a love letter to a world that validated her during the dark years of high school. As a freshman, she placed fourth and it changed her life forever. After attending Yale University, she reported and produced for the New Haven Independent, The Huffington Post, ABC News, Univision and Fusion. Her first TV documentary, which looked at sex trafficking in Mexico, was nominated for two Emmys, and her reporting on immigration has won awards from GLAAD and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Alfie, and a pug dog named Harriet.

Festival Year: 2019


Science Fair

(US, 2018, 90min)