Wendy and Lucy

Wendy is traveling North with her dog Lucy towards Alaska, where a good paying job awaits her, when her car breaks down in a small town. Already barely making ends […]

River of Grass

In the suburban backwaters of the Everglades, bored housewife Cozy longs to shake the swampy monotony that permeates her life. But even a crime spree with local misanthrope Lee Ray, […]

Old Joy

Mark has settled down – with a wife and a real job and a kid on the way, he’s got more responsibilities and less time to mess around. When his […]

Night Moves

Two radical environmentalists and an ex-marine plan an act of ecoterrorism: they build a bomb to blow up a dam, hoping to block the urban development swiftly unfurling itself over […]

Meek’s Cutoff

In 1845, three families traverse the Oregon Trail on their way to fertile lands, led by Stephen Meek, a wilderness guide whose supposed expertise might be a tall tale. When […]