A unique collaboration with millions of wild ants. Focusing on four supposedly unique human traits — language, ritual, war, and art — the narrative aims to blur the boundaries between culture and nature. In four chapters, Leafcutters accentuates the ingenuity of these miniature yet mighty civilizations that inhabit the neotropical rainforest. In “We Rule,” the ants carry language that is in keeping with their dominant status in the forest. “The Chosen” is a ritualistic procession, like a Balinese festival or pagan rite, where the ants bring flowers to lay at the feet of their idol. In “War,” two colonies of the same species are locked in a merciless battle. The video ends on a high note with “Antworks.” Who is to say ants are indifferent to the aesthetics of the leaves they carefully select, cut and carry home?


2019 CR, PA 18 min
Festival Year: 2019
Types: Documentary, Short
Topic: Arts and Environment