Through stunning National Geographic imagery and intimate character studies, Last Wild Places brings you hopeful stories of conservation from around the world. In Malawi, Montana, Mozambique, and Argentina ambitious rewilding and landscape restoration efforts spur the revival of both the ecosystem and local culture. This film showcases the spectacular places and inspiring people at the heart of large-landscape conservation in the 21st century.


Additional Viewing: Unfortunately, we weren’t able to screen the World Premiere of the Last Wild Places feature film due to the cancellation of our March events. However, the filmmakers and National Geographic have graciously made three of their Last Wild Places short films available to stream via our Online Festival. Those include:



Last Wild Places

2020 US 60 min
Festival Year: 2020
Moderator, Executive Producer: Vanessa Serrao
Director, Producer: Sarah Joseph
Types: Documentary, Feature, Panel Discussion
Topic: Conservation, Wildlife