Take a special, one-of-a-kind virtual reality tour of Bears Ears National Monument with National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey, who’s using cutting-edge technology to capture its beauty and significance to the indigenous people who consider it sacred.

Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah was established by President Barack Obama in December 2016. The area within the monument contains a wide array of historic, cultural, and natural resources. The monument is co-managed by the Bureau of Land Management and United States Forest Service, along with a coalition of five local Native American tribes, all of which have ancestral ties to the region. The monument’s original size of 1.3 million acres was reduced 85 percent by President Donald Trump in December 2017.


Post-screening discussion feat. Aaron Huey (Director)


Bears Ears National Monument: VR Event

2018 US 90 min
Festival Year: 2019
Director: Aaron Huey
Types: Documentary, Virtual Reality
Topic: Parks and Protected Areas