Plastic Problem

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. PBS NewsHour takes a closer look at how it’s impacting the world and ways we can break our […]

Our Oceans

Our oceans are in a state of crisis that we’re responsible for. A team of scientists, divers, and photographers set out on a journey along one of the longest, and […]

Aquatic Cathartic

A short documentary investigating the entangled roles of art and science in making the world a better place.    

Desert X

Taking the vast, strange and often contradictory desert landscape as its canvas, the inaugural Desert X, curated by Artistic Director Neville Wakefield, explored the familiar and the unknown through an […]

Plastic Ocean, A

A Plastic Ocean begins when journalist Craig Leeson, searching for the elusive blue whale, discovers plastic waste in what should be pristine ocean. In this adventure documentary, Craig teams up with […]

Sky Line

The dream of building an elevator into space – a ribbon connecting earth to an orbiting station – means many things to many people: the solution to the energy crisis; […]