Sweet Cocoon

Two insects help a caterpillar get into her cocoon so she can turn into a butterfly – but the the forest is a dangerous place.   Directed by Matéo Bernard, […]


Abstract patterns and morphing characters dance to the buoyant music of Shugo Tokamaru, building to a mind-bending peak of exuberance.   Directed by Mirai Mizue and Yukie Nakauchi.

Pik Pik Pik

A woodpecker and a colony of leafcutter ants get on each others nerves until they’re faced with a common enemy: a lumberjack trying to cut down their tree.   Directed […]

Little Hedgehog, The

A little hedgehog finds a magnificent apple in the woods, but other forest animals have their eye on it as well.   Directed by Marjorie Caup.

Elephant and the Bicycle

An elephant working as a street cleaner takes up bicycling, vividly animated by Olesya Shchukina using real paper cutouts.   Directed by Olesya Shchukina.

Captain Fish

When a little girl realizes that the frozen fish fingers her parents feed her were once living fish, she tries to send them back to the sea.   Directed and […]

Me… Jane

As a girl, Jane Goodall loved a toy chimpanzee named Jubilee. As Jane explores the natural world, she dreams of “a life living with and helping all animals.” One day […]

Lucky Ducklings

A mama duck and her five ducklings need help from firemen and a pickup truck after they become trapped in a town storm drain. Their rescue will delight children and […]


What happens if sharks disappear? FINconceivable explores the importance of sharks to our world and what could happen if the fiercest ocean predators ceased to exist. Want to learn more […]